Google Fax Service: Since its first launch almost 15 years ago, it has grown to become the preferred free service in the world. And it is not just individuals who use it for personal purposes, it is used by organizations across the globe to communicate with their clients.

Google Fax Services

In this article, we are going to discuss Google Fax Service free Online services and how to use them to increase productivity in your work. We have some other topics also for this such as:

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As you know, more than a billion people use Gmail for personal or business matters, as well as online faxing. They have continued to update their service but added features such as Google Drive for storage, calendar, photo, and even document management and editing.

Send Fax From Gmail

In current digital time, sitting in front of your computer connects you to a world of resources, within a snap of a few clicks.

However, Gmail is not planning to implement a service to fax from your inbox directly as they have stated on their support page. Although Google Fax Service voice offers a great communication solution, it also does not provide a faxing feature and Google has not expressed plans on implementing one soon.

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Luckily there is a way to send a fax from Gmail by using a third-party solution known as email faxing which can be easily integrated with Google.

These services provide you with a virtual test fax number and digitally convert all your incoming and outgoing faxes through Gmail and eliminating the requirement of a faxing machine while saving you time and money.

As you know that Google doesn’t support the fax service directly, you can easily incorporate Gmail through an online Google fax service without the need for a machine or dedicated line.

You can replace your fax machine with an email fax panel that will bring a major improvement in communication for your organization and will become cost-effective for you.

How To Send A Fax From Gmail

In order to begin sending fax online using your email, you need to have a good email fax service. A service will link a virtual fax connection to your Gmail ID, which will allow you to send and receive faxes without changing your email interface.

It will also provide you with a domain that you have to add to the recipient’s number when composing an email fax.

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In order to begin using the online fax service, it is important for you to sign up for the monthly plan as per your requirement.

Considering that you won’t need any extra equipment, this is an affordable solution for small businesses as well as individuals.

Send a Fax From Gmail

When you send a fax from Gmail, you can add a recipient, type a message, and then press send. You can also choose to have the fax sent as an attachment. Faxing from Gmail is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s easy to set up and manage, and you can even send faxes from your browser.

There are multiple ways by which you can connect your telephone line with Google Voice, but the fax machine will not work in this manner. Even if this works, the service will not be reliable and effective.

But still, there is some hack that can be used to send the fax through Google Voice.

What will be your requirements

Google Voice account along with a phone number

  • Connect the Landline Telephone with the USB adapter to your computer: It is important to implement the steps with the USB adapter that you are connecting to the computer. When the connection gets established, it will permit the landline telephone to be connected to the computer. Then follow the instructions for your specific USB adapter.
  • Check and test your landline connection: When you connect the USB adapter to the landline, it is important to test your connection. You can connect a landline phone with the USB adapter and need to make sure that you can send and receive phone calls with Google Voice and the connected landline telephone.
  • Try it Out First: Send a test fax to someone with a fax machine.
  • Update setting on the fax machine: If the fax machine is not working, we will adjust the setting on the machine to make the signal easier to understand through the VoIP service.
  • Try it again: If the test machine is not working, make sure to return the baud rate and ECM to their original settings.

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Although there are no direct services from Google to transmit faxes, using an online Google fax service is the best option for those people who want to mix faxing with their Gmail account. The same goes for the Google Voice service for the Google voice fax

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